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STEP 1 Entity Structure, Infrastructure and Personal Risk Analytics


Is your business a C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC. Partnership or Sole Proprietorship?  Should it be? Is all or most of your business debt personally guaranteed?  Must it be?  This step focuses on structural risk  mitigation and value enhancement for the business owner.   Establishing a strong business identity that gradually reduces or eliminates the level of personal risk, minimizes taxes and increases a business owners ability to obtain new sources of credit and funding through business credit development is key to building and protecting wealth.

STEP 2Business Valuation; Understand the Real Market Value of your Business & the best time to exit.

Baker’s Dozen
– There are 13 key attributes of business value – How does your business compare?  Are you leaving hundreds of thousands or potentially millions of dollars on the table?  Are your underestimating or overestimating your business value.  Real business value  is not just a rule of thumb. Improving business value starts with understanding what elements effect value and how to effectively improve them and mitigate or eliminate those that undermine it.

STEP 3The MBA Business Analytical


Our Business “MRI”  provides a qualitative and quantitative analysis which clearly identifies profit improvement opportunities and cash flow constraints .  You can’t fix what you don’t understand or can’t see.. The analytical is comprehensive; The light bulb will go on! 

STEP 4The Formal Business Value Building Plan


The Business Value Plan captures the owners vision, documents the strategy, creates the action steps required, and determines the agreed upon timelines & performance commitments.  The plan and its implementation creates multiple pathways to aggressively build cash flow and business value- Whether it becomes a DIY project or your business needs professional help,  the blueprint will allow owners to move forward confidently and navigate your business obstacles.

STEP 5The engaged implementation; Holding owners accountable


The Engaged Implementation is a proven process to improve cash flow, profitability and business value.  Our Performance Guarantee is specific and incorporates measurable milestones that document the changes and their bottom line contributions.   Sometimes good advice can be lost due to business and personal distractions and lack of action.   If we engage, we implement the change processes you need for the business to make the “critical shift” changes needed to get to the next level and help install the mechanisms needed to assure they remain in place.

STEP 6The Business Sale or Merger Process – Cash your Chips!


The end result of our processes is designed to substantially increase the value of your business.   Frequently the business value is the  largest portion of a business owners wealth and determining the right time and the best outcome is critical. Our process is both proven and sustainable; our results are guaranteed! If we mutually are not convinced of our ability to substantially increase the business value by 50-100%, we will not engage.  


With our decades of experience we are prepared  to effectively manage the confidential sale or merger process of your privately owned business. We help owners take their business to market confidentially as a substantially more valuable company and help maximize the after-tax cash proceeds.  As an alternative to the sale of the business, our processes  can help construct an ongoing passive income stream for business owners until you are ready to exit.

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