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Building business credit: How to get a business loan.


Accessing 50,000, 100,000, 250,000 or more for your business is an important….

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Using SBA Loans to Build Wealth; 50-90 % ROI


Business buyers throughout the country are building wealth rapidly. They have….

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Working Capital: Why most entrepreneurs fail.


Finance & accounting professionals have a different view of the business world than….

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Business Valuation: Why earnings don’t create value?


Traditional business valuations assume that historical earnings somehow create value….

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All business income is not equal.



What’s your business worth? It is a question for which every small business owner needs….

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Complaints & Poor Reviews. What’s your problem anyway?


Every business experiences customers whose expectations were not met or….

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Business Tax Returns – Higher business value starts here!


As a buy-side business due diligence consultant and having performed hundreds…

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Management Accounting: Operating, Investment & Capital Expenses


Private accounting for small to mid-sized entrepreneurial companies remains…

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