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Do you know the real value of your business?

Business owners are often "owned" by their business and most business buyers aren't trying to buy a job. The value of a business is diminished when owners are the primary asset that goes away when their business is being valued or sold. Our process is designed to help business owners and buyers navigate from being a captured asset to becoming a business owner driving business profitably.

For maximum business value building, it can be done; it must be done!

Our process is designed to transform your business so your exit is a wealth capture event and acquisition becomes a wealth-building event.

Buying or Selling a Business? Tax due diligence matters!

Healthy businesses should aggressively reduce business taxes in every legal way possible. Evading taxes is an unnecessary business and personal risk and undermines the value of a business. Our tax services focus on tax problem resolution and eliminating tax problems going forward. Maximizing business value requires a business tax strategy that is a key value building attribute of the enterprise and part of management practices. Our process reviews company structure, tax strategy and incorporates best tax practices into the overall business plan. Your business exit can be tax nightmare or the culmination of solid tax planning and maximum wealth capture.

Business owners must be good business managers!

We specialize in implementing profitability!

Owners must be accounting literate; they don't have to be the bookkeeper, controller or a tax accountant. They must be able to supervise the processes and understand the objectives and the requirements in order to build maximum business value. We help owners become more effective.

The "MBA Process" is designed to help owners take control of these vital functions with internal staffing or external sourcing and how to provide performance-based oversight.

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With decades of experience working with hundreds of Entrepreneurs, Brokers and Advisors nationally and internationally, we represent Buyers or Sellers manage the buy, sale, and due diligence process! We guarantee and deliver improved outcomes and results for our clients.

Our process assures the buyer's acquisition criteria can be met and also identifies multiple funding options.

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